Friday, December 14, 2007

T G I F . . .

for most! For me, it's just another day and a busy one at that. It's DAY 3 of the cleaning. She is going to only be here for a bit today though - she's killing my budget and we still have some Christmas to get. But on the other end . . . my house is looking INCREDIBLE! It's so deep down clean - it's almost like new. She is great and I wish I had the money to keep having her come until it's done. Hoping she'll finish up soon, 'cause I teach at 12:15 today. I have a new student today, and I'm excited about the rest of the money coming in this weekend. My teaching ends at 6PM today and then it's off to the theatre again. Tomorrow I actually get to sleep in until 8:30AM - WOO HOO! I can't think of a day that I haven't been up after 7AM in the last month! Even weekends!! Saturdays have been packed full and Sundays bring choir practice at 8AM. Although I need to start putting my lesson together. It's in a week! AAAAHHHH!!! But I also need to type my program, finish my Christmas cards, etc. No rest for the weary and the weary never rest!
I am excited though for Christmas! Yesterday Geoff and I purchased some great items to go under the tree! I can't wait for Christmas morning!! Their faces are going to light up and I'm just going to be an emotional wreck - crying from happiness! I'm such a sucker for happy kids! We have 'suffered' with little/no money so often but at Christmas . . . (to quote Jurassic Park) "we spare no expense"!! I didn't know at the time but now that I'm older it's no secret that my parents had money concerns while we were growing up. But we never knew it come Christmas morning - my dad always wanted the best for us! It was a HUGE morning with everything we wanted (within reason)!! My mom said he would sacrifice whatever to make sure that morning was everything a kid would dream about. :) Makes me cry now that I understand what he did for us. My dad is an incredible man!
Well, I must get the rest of my day moving and hope you are all having a great holiday season so far!! I miss you all - even those who live close. I am ready for a break and girls night and lunch date!!


Laurie M. said...

ok, who is this girl that is cleaning your house?! Please send her my way! Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Christmas! I have to make a short trip to Target then I'll be done with the shopping. SO fun- I can't wait!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH lucky! a clean house! that is super fabulous! i'm green with envy.
and fun for your kids you spare no expense. and how nice your childhood memories are so good! makes for good memories now. we need to go out. you have to call me. when you aren't so busy.

Courtney said...

I'm so jealous of your little house cleaning going on over there! I need to be getting me some of that!

I am so with you on Christmas! I love it and do whatever it takes to make it wonderful and memorable in a good way!