Sunday, December 16, 2007

One more to go!!

It's Sunday night and I'm done with yet another crazy weekend!! Tonight was my students recital and it went soooo well! I say this every time but my students are the best!! They work hard and make me so proud!! Everyone seemed to enjoy the new venue - we went to a church instead of the normal Washburn's. It was beautiful and I didn't have to do anything! :) Had a mom do the refreshments, a mom do the decorating and they bldg maintenance cleaned up for me! It all cost me less than $300 and I was more relaxed than ever! It was great!! I even got to buy myself a sparkly new shirt for it! :) Geoff and I were on our way to Wal-mart to buy the ingredients for the punch and I saw that store, Fashion Bug. I went in to check it out. Lo! and behold! It's a branch of Lane Bryant!! LOVE IT! They had great clothes and it's closer and easier to get to than the mall! They even take Lane Bryant gift cards, etc. I'm thinking this is a new store for me now. They have big lady (which I am on the border of being) sizes and jr. sizes (for when I decide to finally lose the weight). Most would have been proud of me tonight - I wore the new shirt, black dress pants (not jeans! :)), and jewelry (rare!), HOSERY and heels!! :) If I can find a skirt to go with it - I think I'll wear this ensemble next Sunday for church. Oh! And with my new hair - I looked hot! :) But it went well and now that's done. Something else to check off my list.
Last night I found out some icky news! The show I was hired for at the end of the year was taken away from me. The director that asked for me to music direct isn't doing the show anymore. They hired another director and so I got bumped. I'm REALLY sad but I guess it's for the better, right? I talked to the producer tonight and he told me that I'm not totally out of the picture but this year is only Singin' in the Rain. I decided tonight that I'm going to just take it as my boost! I'm going to go on my diet and stick to it with exercise and go hard core into the weight loss!! I'm going to show them that I can do it! And then I'm going to audition for their shows and show them! No more "sorry - you are not the right 'look' for the role"!! No more subtle ways of telling me "you're TOO FAT to play any real good roles"!!! This is it!! I'm going to be a size 10-12 or smaller by JUNE!! Wish me luck and send me encouragement!! I have to do it!
Well - I have lighter load with week. Less than half the students this week and more time to just relax during the day. I do have a show every night and 3 on Saturday but that's ok. The kids are out of school on Thursday and Friday - so I'll get to sleep in. :)
Well, Happy Shopping and I'll catch up with you soon!


Crazymamaof6 said...

bummer about singing in the rain! but rad about your recital! that is a huge thing to check off your list. relief too. rad you found fashion bug. i should have told you long ago. whoops. can't wait to see the new slimmer you! and watch you in all the shows they'll be begging you to do!

Laurie M. said...

Great job on the recital and congrats on the classy look you pulled together! Sorry about the show. But seriously, work your butt off and show them! I need encouragement too- I haven't worked out since August and it really shows! Too bad we don't live close by- we could be workout buddies:)

Courtney said...

So happy your recital is over! Yippee! Too bad about the music director job - but like you said, more time for you!

We should walk together or something! I'd love to have a motivating partner who would help me get off my butt and do something!

You do look hot with the new "do" I love it!

Thanks for stopping by today - you made me smile and that was ALL I needed to lift my spirits today!