Saturday, June 5, 2010

They're back!!

(my Jon-boy, all tuckered out)

Jonathan and Geoff came home today!!

I missed my boys!!!

About 11a my sweet Jonathan and cute hubby, Geoff got home from Scout Encampment. They were tired and SMELLY!

My Jonathan is not a super affectionate-type kid, but today when he walked in and yelled "my boy is home!" - he came right over to me and gave me a BIG hug!
He quickly told me he wanted a shower and I obliged just as quick. :)

Geoff came in and gave me a kiss then proceeded to RUN past me to the bathroom. Thinking he wanted a shower just as bad, I was quickly told different. Apparently there was plenty of practical jokers up at camp and he'd been "holding it" until he got
home. . . afraid of being stuck, tipped or otherwise tortured if caught in the Port-a-John. LOL!! Thank goodness it's only ONE item of business for men that they would have to use the facilities! LOL!!!

After Geoff had "relieved" himself and Jonathan had showered, they came in to tell us all about the fun of the week. All while Jonathan unpacked and the other kids snacked on his extra treats.

Jonathan's highlights of the week:
Best Breakfast - Garrett Smith's Famous Breakfast Burritos
Best Dinner - Garrett Smith's BBQ Ribs and Celia Halstead's Famous Rolls
Best Dessert - Cobbler
Best Activity - everything
Best Day - Friday (he liked his Solo Experience)
Best Experience - when he saw his Dad on Thursday and watching all the men give Bro. Wheeler a blessing (powerful is how described it)

Sounds like he had a great time and he says he's ready to go again next year!!
Val Vista Ward, Mountain View Stake
has the BEST Young Men's Encampment!!

And tomorrow he gets to pass the sacrament for the FIRST TIME!!
What an awesome week for my awesome boy!!!
I love you, Jon-boy!



So fun that you are blogging again!
Isn't it just so great that they can have these experieces we hope as parents will leave a positive mark for life. Glad the smell doesn't last as long!

~Crystal~ said...

Thanks for the comment Jenn! What a cute blog you have, it's adorable!

Laurie M. said...

Yay! I am so happy to hear that his first camping experience was a great one!! Geoff is so funny! I miss you guys!

Tiffini said...

even though i absolutely HATE camping, some of my best memories are from girl's camp. i'm so grateful for leaders who work extremely hard to make it a great experience for the youth! they need the spiritual boost to offset all the junk they're around at school!

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

YOU HAVE A BLOG!!! Yippee!! I have had so much fun reading all your posts :) Hard to believe that Jonathan is at scout camp...crazy! Sure miss you! I'll try to call you, but I'm leaving to girls camp tomorrow. I'll talk to you soon! Love ya, MindyG
ps-Kudos to Geoff for holding it in...Chad would be going on some late night "walks" and wouldn't have any sleeves on his shirt (if you know what I mean!)