Saturday, June 5, 2010

A kid at heart . . .

I am so lucky to be able to do what I love for money and I know that, BUT . . . I have REALLY enjoyed "being a kid" this past week. Well, along with being a Mom, too. I did make them do chores but we got really fast and within an hour, we were back to having fun!

Over the past 3 weeks, I have enjoyed swimming with my kids, watching LOTS of TV shows, hitting QT for slushes, playing on the computer, sleeping in and staying up late - just to name a few.

As I sit here eating dinner and watching Toy Story (this show always catches my attention when surfing through the channels), I think of the responsibility I have coming up over the next 3 weeks and I think I'm going to miss my lazy days.

Next week, I begin my "summer work" at Phoenix Theatre. It's a week long Beatles in Revue workshop for kids ages 7-12. I'm kinda excited since the songs we picked are super fun -
Octopus' Garden
Ain't She Sweet
Yellow Submarine
She Loves You
The hours are kinda long (9a-4p) and it's a bit of a drive in rush hour but it isn't all just singing songs. They learn choreography and have a craft time each day too. I've never worked this camp, so I'm a bit nervous (yes, I said nervous) and excited too!

The following 2 weeks I'll be at East Valley Childrens Theatre. Their summer camp is 2 weeks with "class" in the morning and "show rehearsal" in the afternoon. The hours are the same as PT with the morning classes of acting, singing and dance. Then after lunch they work in each of the areas on an original show that has been written by someone for EVCT. The show and songs are usually really CutE and FuN! I've done their camps a few times now and so I'm not nervous at all about this one. And this one is very close to home (about a mile) which makes it convenient to come home for lunch, if I want.

I'm excited, nervous and happy to work these next 3 weeks to make a little extra money to help pay for our summer fun BUT I will miss the fun things we do as a family and the no alarm clock ringing in the morning!
So I guess I will have to remain a . . .


. . . while working these weeks alongside some kids who are excited and nervous too - just like me!

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Tiffini said...

what fun! i love sitting at the kitchen table and coloring with my kids. i don't get to do it often, but i always enjoy it. they love getting that time with mom, too.

we forget about all those simple pleasures of childhood as we get older, don't we?