Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is what memories are made of!

Monday morning came VERY early! My alarm went off at 5:15am and I woke up Jonathan. I love how boys are so fast. He showered and dressed and we left the house at 5:35 to hit McDonald's for breakfast. The last thing Geoff said to him when he said goodbye the night before was - -
THIS IS WHAT MEMORIES ARE MADE OF. Don't sit idly by - get out there and enjoy it!
What a great man I married and what great advice! Jonathan is a carbon copy of his Dad and I think he understood. When we arrived at the church parking lot about 5 minutes early, Jonathan was apprehensive to get out right at first but as more boys showed up, he began to relax and before I knew it, he was 'gone'. I sat with some other Mom's while they loaded up, had prayer and headed out. I picked up Geoff from work and then headed home to hit my pillow again but that was short-lived. By the time I got home it was almost 8am and the others were ready to hit the party for Memorial Day at my sisters. I gave them a small "list" of things to get done before we could go and it was about 11:30 when we pulled out of the garage and headed on our way, leaving Geoff to sleep on the couch from his nightshift.
Green chili burros, 3 kinds of homemade salsa, chips, beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and other yummy toppings were there waiting for us. We filled our tummies and our hearts and minds with loads of fun, visiting with family and swimming. All of us got a little sun, considering it was only "warm" for Arizona on this holiday. I always enjoy visiting with all of my family and although we were missing Mindy and her family (in Colorado), Liz (in Oregon), my Jonathan (at scout camp) and my Geoff (asleep), we still had 19 grandkids, Grandpa and Grandma, 7 adults and LOTS of noise and fun! Never a dull moment at the Whiting Family Parties! We arrived home just in time for Geoff to eat some food we brought home and then he headed out the door back to work. All of us crashed in the family room on couches and floor for about an hour or so until we were awaken by the doorbell. Kylee had girls waiting for her to go "lead" them as they heart attacked a new Beehive on the eve of her 12th birthday.
Tuesday started with Kylee, myself and the YW president going to the above mentioned new Beehive's home to welcome her in to Young Women's and present her with her new Personal Progress Book, journal, theme card and For Strength of Youth pamphlet. Kylee is the Beehive President and I'm the Personal Progress leader. It's fun to go together and welcome the new girls and talk about the joy and fun of Personal Progress. Unfortunately while we were there, we learned that at scout camp yesterday (their first day), one of the leaders (Rick Wheeler - who was one of Jonathan's previous scout leaders) was in an accident. He was the first to ride the zip line and he hit a tree. They worried about spinal injuries and fortunately there were none but he was air evac'd to St Joe's (they were up by Strawberry). He had some pretty serious facial damage. They had to do some facial reconstruction and wire his jaw shut since it was broken. This just about broke my heart in two when I heard this! Rick is a gentle giant and an amazing man who has had an amazing influence on both my boys! We pray he will recover quickly and that his family will be comforted. Then my heart went to my son, who was there when this happened. I hope Jonathan learned as he watched the priesthood put into action and felt the spirit as Bro. Wheeler remained calm through it all. I pray that his heart is calmed and he is ok. My Jon-boy has such a tender heart and I hope he remains strong and still enjoys himself without apprehension and fear. I hope he remembers the WISE words his Dad gave him and is getting out there to MAKE SOME MEMORIES!

Stay TOONed!
All-Star Baseball season is starting!


Laurie M. said...

Hey, I'm the personal progress leader too!!

Hope Br. Wheeler is doing better. I love Geoff's advice - so true!

Bud & Kim said...

Love the new look for your blog. So fun! Keep up the blogging. :-)

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MnM said...

Jenn, Dallin is at Scout camp this week too! It's his first one and I bawled after I dropped him off. I also hope and pray that these boys will have great experiences and learn a lot. It's so hard letting go though!!