Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have the incredible opportunity to visit teach some amazing women!! First, Mikki - our wonderfully amazing Relief Society President. I am in awe after each visit as she inspires me to do better. She is beautiful inside and out! Next, Tara Mabry - an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out as well! She is always so giving and wanting to please all around her.
Today we finally had the chance to visit Tara. She has been so busy with her husband's new project (I'll explain in a moment) that it's been hard to get with her. This morning as we arrived Mark (the above noted hubby) was still there, eating his Wheaties. This project, "Reflections of Christ", has been the talk of the ward and valley. We had a chance to visit with him about it and then Tara invited us to watch a video about it. It was so inspiring and humbling! It is a project that the church leaders have asked him to do. It's a photographic depiction of the life of Christ. The spirit from just watching this video can only be a glimpse of what it must be like at the exhibit! The pictures are so real and as Tara told of an email they received "you can almost hear the sound the Savior's feet made in the sand"! I am planning to attend - more than once! - and wanted to invite you to read about it and go! It is phenomenal!! And what a missionary tool! It's on display at the Arizona Visitor's Center until Easter!
Here is her hubby's website that has a few videos and 'sneak peeks'! ENJOY!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! I'd seen the videos and some pictures on their blog. i lurk there sometimes. i had no idea they were in your ward. very cool!

Courtney said...

Yeah, I've seen some of the video clips on Tara's blog and it is AMAZING! So cool!