Friday, January 25, 2008

Perfect Ending to a so-so day

Not the greatest picture but . . . yummy!

It's common knowledge that I am trying to lose a little more weight - I went to Walmart tonight after the show for a few things and found this at the register! So excited! Only a few calories and just the right size . . . and extra yummy too!

It was pretty long day. Hospital visit, chores, 4 1/2 hours of teaching, 4 hours at the theatre, shopping on the way home, etc. I was needing to hit the store for a few snacks for the boys cub scout hike in the morning and a basket for my co-op pickup, but I wasn't wanting to go. I was in hopes of meeting a friend there but it too long at the theatre for me to get out and she gave up on me. (Sorry J!) So alas, I went alone but got done pretty quick and home to get my contacts out before they burned anymore. And I got myself a somewhat healthy snack that I really enjoyed on the car ride home.

Well, I'm off to bed! Nighty night.


Crazymamaof6 said...

yeah! sorry! i totally suck! my feet were killing me, after a long night out in heels. this is totally why i don't wear heels anymore. i think 3 hours is my limit anymore. and this had been 6 with long power walks thrown in. so i was bummed i had to bail but as it was i took them off in the parking lot even before i got my stuff loaded. really wishing i would ahve gone for the crunchy, comfy crocs look tonight. sleek and stylish is SO overrated! hugs! glad you got a treat!

Courtney said...

Chocolate anything is sometimes the lifesaver we all need even after a 'good' day! You go!

Lene said...

Yummy - I love little treats that aren't total diet killers.

Lara said...

You certainly deserved it! I don't know how you do it...I think I"M busy! :)