Friday, January 25, 2008

Life is so fragile!

This morning I got a call from my sister who said she had just logged onto our family website ( which we LOVE and keeps us all posted on each others news since we are all across the western states now) and asked if I had logged on yet. I hadn't, so she updated me over the phone how our Aunt was in the hospital.
My Aunt Karen (lovinly nicknamed our "Cussin' Aunt") is my dad's older sister that has lived between the valley and St. Johns, AZ for many years. I have so many great memories of her! We loved to go to Uncle Kelly and Aunt Karen's! She always had soda in the fridge, goodies to eat, a smorgasborg of all sorts of entrees on the stove, a windchime collection on her porch (there was always wind to enjoy them too), we played kick the can into the late hours, we walked to the Maverick for a Vanilla Coke and the list just goes on and on. She loved us for who we were! She was very supportive and taught us that life was too short to be taken too seriously!
Today as we dressed in a gown and gloves and walked into her ICU room, it was quiet and calm and sad. My sister and I tried to be positive in talking to her although there was no response. She is a medicated coma - although she is not completely unresponsive, as when the doctor came in to check on her and was poking around I think she would've punched him if she could! She winced and grimaced at every touch. I found this somewhat encouraging though as it meant was not completely "away" from us yet! Her husband died a year or so ago and she has been so sad since . . . I think she really wants to go "home" to him. Although her children and family here are wanting her here - we are all so selfish - she is tired and misses Uncle Kelly. He was the love of her life since she was 16! She's 71 and has a fruitful posterity with many children (6), grandchildren and now even great-grandchildren. Aunt Karen we love you but you can go home now!


Lacey said...

It's so hard to see the bigger picture here on earth..I hope your aunt gets better but what a blessing to know that families are eternal and how sweet the reunion will be when she is reunited with her husband!

Courtney said...

so sorry to hear about your aunt! It is nice having the gospel to know that life does not end here...but that families are eternal. I'm sure she misses her eternal companion and I'm sure he is anxiously awaiting here return to him too! Keep hangin!

Lene said...

Jenn, I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt. It is a true blessing to have the Gospel in our lives and the knowledge that our families go on in the eternities.