Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Santa - -

The past few weeks I've been completely and utterly humbled! I've learned humility, patience, and many other valuable life lessons. Some days have been emotional, others frustrating, others joyful and others stressful. But all in all, I'm learning and growing and completely satisfied.

Today was a great day - even with my migraine. I cancelled lessons because I feared the piano and singing just would aggravate it. I rarely ever cancel my lessons, simply because it means I have to make the lessons up at some point - so what's the point? But today I needed it. I napped, ignored my chores, went to lunch with friends and napped again. After dinner was over, my sweet Jon-boy did the dishes, Kylee-doll helped finish up the table decor for YW's on Wednesday, Maddi-boo helped pick up the front room and Dakota-stud picked up the laundry room and swept the kitchen. Even though I really didn't do much, a lot still got done and I appreciate the help from my family! Even my sweetie, Geoff, brought me a drink. It's now 10:30pm and the kids are in bed, the dishwasher is running, the floors are swept and mopped and the washer has a load going. Geoff is gone to work til morning, so I will work on the computer (or play) til I'm tired and the laundry is ready for the dryer.

While I wait I thought I might write my letter to Santa tonight.
My sweet little Maddisen (9 years old) handed me an envelope today. It was addressed to Santa and she asked me to drop it in the mail tomorrow when I was out running my errands. I told her I'd be happy to but she was early this year, to which she replied, "Well, it's gives him time to save some money since everyone has money problems right now."

My sweet, sweet Maddi - if only you knew!
With all the troubles in the world these days, I thought my letter this year would be less selfish and so here's what I wish for, in simple words, without getting too deep . . .

1 - The standard wish for most - Peace on Earth.
Will we ever fulfill the prophecy in the bible of the lion to lie with the lamb? Sometimes I wonder why we all just can't get along. I appreciate the differences with people and think that's what makes our friendship/relationship so intriguing, but there is no need to pull a gun on each other.
2 - A happy family
I want nothing more than the have my family all get along for one FULL day. Some days it seems almost possible and then the dream is killed by bedtime. Some mornings we don't even make it the first hour without someone complaining about something.
3 - A clean house
Now don't get me wrong - I've been much better about keeping up on this since my stint from theatre but even with all the work I do, it never fails that I have more to do before they go to bed. I know one day it will go away with the kids and I'll miss it but doing dishes and laundry seem like deja vu every day!
4 - To have no enemy
Why can't we all get along? Just like #1 and I will work to do my part. No gossiping, no judging, no assuming. I will do my part - do you think Santa could help those who oppose me?
5 - Happiness!!
I'd love to keep a smile as often as possible. Wives tale says that it takes less muscles in the face to smile. If this is true, I must remember this if I don't want to look too old too fast. I want to be able to find the good or positive in even my trials and troubles.

These are my top 5
- - -
What are you going to ask Santa for???


Shantel said...

I love your list. It gets me thinking about mine. Peace. Peace in my house for one sounds nice....

Ronda Batchelor said...

So great to hear from you, you look great! I love to hear from old friends.