Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hang on . . . here we go!!

The rest of the summer was crazy fun and a whirlwind! It was really a summer for our Kylee. She had LOTS going on but our family had fun too! :)

So . . . here we go . . .

We started the summer off by sending our Kylee to a BRAND NEW program - Time to Blossom. An EFY for 11-16 yr old girls only! It's pilot year was here in Arizona at the Mesa Hilton. She had a blast with 250+ girls running around the hotel with amazing speakers and programs. She is ready to do again next year! Check it out if you have a daughter - They are having 3 next year around the country!

Kylee then headed off to our ward's Journey Retreat for the Young Women. The theme this year was 'Come What May and Love It'.

Then . . . Here she is getting on the bus for Girls Camp! She's a wild one and the new Beehives love having her as their President because she's so fun. She was released just 2 weeks after camp since she's turning 14 yrs old and moving on to MiaMaids.

Here she is with a couple of great gals from the ward. She loved camp, as usual!

The day after she got home from Girls Camp, Kylee got braces. We've been going to the orthodontist for 4 years and when he finally said she was ready, you'd have thought she won the lottery! She was so excited! For now she has an expander on top and lower braces. After the top has moved enough, then they'll add braces on top. She's anxious for that, too!

Here she is in the midst of it all. Happy as can be!! Crazy girl! :)

HERE'S THE FINAL PRODUCT! SHE'S ECSTATIC! We've been expanding and brushing a lot. She's been very good to keep with the rules too. We'll see if she keeps with them. :)

Just 2 days after Kylee's big day, we headed out for a family vacation! In the past we have had a trip here and there and they usually last about 2-3 days and not much more than that. But this summer we went to Colorado for a whole week! We went to Grand Junction first for our niece's baptism. This was for my sister, Mindy's oldest daughter - Carli. We had a blast and enjoyed the fun with family!!

This picture is out of order but it's the Eisenhower Tunnel we drove through between the Dare's and Daugherty's. The kids liked how we drove 'through' the mountain and hearing the history behind it from Dad.

While in Grand Junction we went to the Dinosaur Museum with all the cousins that were there. It was fun to see all the hands-on displays!

We love spending time with cousins! The Dare girls are so much fun and we've missed them since they moved. The kids had a blast at the museum, playing in the retention park outside their house with the "cold" rain and Grandpa's candy cannon, and playing Just Dance! on the wii. We also stopped back by on our drive home to Arizona and enjoyed even more time with them!

Next we drove over the Rocky Mountains to Longmont, just outside of Boulder. We stayed with our dear friends, the Daugherty's for about 4 days. It was absolutely beautiful weather and the kids loved all the rain. We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. We saw deer walk in the street, even the highway. We saw the buffalo ranch and enjoyed time as a family with no real commitments.

We went to the county fair. I won't bore you with too many pics but we rode rides, ate yummy treats (gotta have a funnel cake) and saw horses, goats and humongus pigs! :)

We ate VERY well while we are there! We just HAD to eat lunch at Noodles. The adults went out to dinner at an old opera house that was revamped into a restaurant called Dickon's. And the rest of the time, Brian cooked for us. Amazing pulled pork tacos, yummy burgers, and tantalizing tubes&twirls (his own recipe). He is quite the chef and the kids really liked watching him cook! Thanks Brian!!

The best part was that I got to spend time with my BEST friend in the whole wide world (well, other than my Geoff)! We laughed and enjoyed spending time with both families for the first time ever! I love you Tawni!

Kylee - 9th grade

Freshman! Where has the time gone?? This is the last year with 9th graders in the junior high schools in Mesa. She is excited to be the "big guy on campus" and to be "making history" as the last 9th grade class at Poston Jr. High. She's excited to add Seminary to her schedule this year!

Jonathan - 7th grade

His first year in junior high! I just can't believe it. He's really grown up in past few weeks. His friendship with Kylee has grown closer too. It's nice to see them get along a lot better. :)

Dakota - 6th grade

Big man on campus! He's enjoying being the "oldest" in the school. He's a ladies man and has quite a few girls trying to be "his". We are working to keep him single. LOL!!

Maddisen - 4th grade

I can't believe my BABY is so grown up! She is really enjoying school and LOVES to read!

Kylee's 14th birthday! No party this year - she had almost 30 girls at our house for a swimming/homemade pizza party last year. But she got breakfast of french toast with buttermilk syrup, lunch from Ned's Krazy Sub and LOTS of fun things from friends! Spoiled with friends and fun! Can't believe how fast you are growing my Kylee-doll! We love you!!

Oh - just a bit of fun: On Friday following her birthday, she went to seminary to find a a sub and it was her grandpa! My Dad is an institute teacher and was asked to sub for her school. FUN!

Well, that's it for now. I'll try to be better about keeping up! Have a great week!!

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Sounds like a fun summer!! Your kids are adorable. Where does the time go?