Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's the last day of school for Mesa and it's a FULL day! And by that I mean ALL DAY OF SCHOOL - not a half day like Gilbert. And I'm good with that!! :) I get ONE MORE DAY to organize, clean and get my chore charts printed before they get home. They know they are "my slaves" for the summer, with some chores that require time. With school, dance, baseball, shows, and all that life brings, I enjoy the summer in that I can finally get some BIG things done. Among my list is clean the garage, finish painting the game room, touch up painting bedrooms and living areas, wiping down baseboards and doorframes and touch up painting them if needed, and lots of others.


We also have some big plans for summer and hope they can be followed through. I am working 3 weeks of summer music theatre camps, scout camp, girls camp, Journey (young women's retreat), Time to Blossom (girls retreat), trip to Colorado, trip to Oregon, etc etc etc. Here's hoping I keep my sanity!

But back to my bittersweet moment - I'm excited to have my kids home, excited to get some things done, excited to not have to get up so early, excited to enjoy some quality time together. But I'm not excited for the noise, the messes, the dozens of kids in my pool (although that is fun!), the LATE bedtimes, the lack of motivation. Can't decide which weighs heavier for me!



Bud & Kim said...

Sounds like you have a fun filled summer planned! Hopefully we can get together sometime before I have this baby and have lunch. :-)

Jenny Knudsen said...

I am freaking out about the summer. I wish I could say I was one of those great moms that just loves to be home with the kids. Instead it is the whining about what to do and I'm bored. That gets old. I am ready for year round school.

The Atomic Mom said...

We're replacing our windows, which will require us to pretty much pack up our house like we're least it's forcing me to confront my junk. Have fun with your projects need to be busy! (This is Joyce Brinton by the way. :)

Lara said...

I like to get big jobs done in the summer, too. We're hoping to completely redo at least 2 rooms.

And I feel the same bittersweet feelings you do about the kids being home. Oh take the good and you take the bad...right?

Crazymamaof6 said...

you've always been awesome about your summer chore charts. it's sort of inspiring.

i'm with the double edged sword thoughts. nice to have less going on and better sleeping in time, but dread the messes and cooking for everyone home.