Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wax and Blue/Gold

Thursday was a busy day! Jonathan had his Wax Musuem presentation at school. This is where they do research on a famous Arizona person and then dress up as they are, standing frozen as in the 'wax museum' until they are "chosen" and then they stand and tell about their life.
Jonathan chose PAT TILLMAN.
My boys are no doubt, sports fans. With a Dad like Geoff, they had no choice. It goes from one sport to another in our home. Season tickets are shared with family members for most every sport in the valley from pros to ASU. But Pat Tillman is talked of often, simply because of his willingness to give up his love of football for his country and eventually his life. We've talked about the sacrifice, similiar to going on a mission. So when the list came home, Jonathan jumped on his name quickly.
He did such a great job! He researched, choose what he wanted to wear, and wrote his paper titled "FOOTBALL, FAME and FREEDOM". (He chose that title all on his own!) He was excited and nervous about the Wax Museum. It was so out of his comfort zone!! He is so shy and withdrawn sometimes. We talked with him about how this was for his grade, and he said he understood. He amazed everyone and we are soooo proud of him!!

Jonathan in his 'frozen' wax pose

His poster, which he made all by himself!

Scouting. Love it! Love the program, the leaders, my boys excitement, etc. I grew up with 4 sisters and 1 brother. Although I didn't pay much attention to his scouting then, I knew he worked hard and was very active in the program. He wanted to be the most decorated and earn the most he could. It was a personal goal for himself that he set when he turned 8. Well, whether it was my brothers example (he has his shirts framed in his office) or my sweet hubby's motivation but my boys LOVE scouts and want nothing more than to work on it everyday and earn as many awards as Uncle Ben.

Thursday night I took the night off from the theatre and we headed to the Blue and Gold Banquet. For you non-scouters, this is the annual awards ceremony and a big deal for the boys. Jonathan was determined to get his Bear and as many arrows as possible. Dakota his Wolf and as many arrows as his brother. Well, they succeeded beyond what I thought capable!
We ate chinese food out of chinese boxes - that our boys delivered to us, sherbet and fortune cookies.
Jonathan was awarded his BEAR, A GOLD ARROW and 4 SILVER ARROWS!

Dakota was awarded his WOLF, A GOLD ARROW and 3 SILVER ARROWS!

They participated in the Flag Ceremony and the highlight of the evening - the Chinese Dragon.

It was fun to see where our boys were by their shoes! :)


We are so proud of our scouts and thrilled they are the motivators behind most of what they do!


Crazymamaof6 said...

very cool! now i'm feeling bad i didn't make the effort to take Peyton to his blue and gold banquet. UGH. they both look handsome in their shirts and whoohoo for those awards.

Johnathan looked awesome in the wax museum!

Lene said...

I need some of your excitement for Cub Scouts over here. I am having a hard time embracing the whole scouting thing. I guess it would be much easier if Dad would get involved. We just had our Blue & Gold. Jared was suppose to be getting his Bear, but for some reason didn't. He and I were both a little disappointed.

Laurie M. said...

I love Jonathan's project- very cool! I am not a big fan of scouts. We've been in 2 wards since Jacob started and in both I've felt like I had to do all the work. What's the point of meeting every week?! They never even awarded him his wolf patch after he finished the work, so we just went and bought the patch ourselves. Lame! He wanted to work toward all the cubscout stuff, so I worked with him on those. But now that he's in Webelos, he doesn't care so much.

Jennie said...

Contrary to Laurie's scout feelings (yes, after growing up in the same house!), I love Cub Scouts! My oldest will start next week and can't wait. We are doing our blue and gold this month as we are a new ward. Love the Chinese New Year stuff. Congrats to your boys on all their hard work!

Courtney said...

Loving your boys - so fun!