Monday, March 3, 2008

Early Easter

My family is faithful about meeting on Fast Sunday every month. We trade off houses and enjoy dinner and dessert, celebrating whomever's birthday is in the month and the holiday. Well, it's March and Easter is early. So, we decided in order to not conflict with in-law plans and individual family plans, we would go ahead and do Easter yesterday. We met at Uncle Ben/Aunt Sherri's house and had a ham dinner. YUM! It was complete with 'funeral' potatoes, green beans and rolls. The kids played outside on their "playground" while the adults visited.

Then the Mom's hid the candy-filled eggs.

After that the kids hit the ground running, looking for eggs! Candy, candy, candy!

They checked out their loot -

Grandpa gave the girls their "magic Easter rocks" -

We enjoyed "upside-down" Kisses (there were about half the bag that were wrapped upside down!) -

And had fun watching the ck'ns and rabbits, including the new "Easter baby bunnies" -

FUN NIGHT and best part - home and in bed ON TIME! :)


Laurie M. said...

woohoo! Looks like LOTS of fun! I am so excited for Easter this year! I hope ours is as warm as yours was. Love all the pictures of the kids. They are all so grown up!

Lara said...

I'm sure your kids will say the best part is they get to do it all over again on Easter! :)

Audrey said...

Wow! That is certainly an early celebration.
My favorite candy of all year is Easter Candy--it beats out Halloween for sure. How shallow does that sound commenting about an Easter post and mentioning only candy?

mommyx5 said...

YAY for your kiddos! Easter twice. They will finish off the first batch just in time for the second.

Jennie said...

You just got me officially excited for Easter. Love those upside down Kisses! That will be a fun memory.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow super fun! and whohoo for no conflicts the day of. nice and relaxing too! yay for that!

KayDee said...

How fun! I love the upside down kisses:)
Easter is my favorite time of year along with the candy!

ps: how much do you charge for voice lessons? (my email is:

Courtney said...

I hate when Easter is early in March...but I love me some ham and funneral potatoes - YUM!