Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Mood

I woke up with Geoff at 5:30AM and thought - "gee, I went to bed at 9:30PM, I should be able to get up now. But an extra hour would do me some good." So, I helped him with his lunch (he is FINALLY at a job where he'll take his lunch! YEA! Cheaper!), kissed him and went back to bed with the alarm set again for 6:30AM. BEEP BEEP BEEP! That obviously wasn't a good idea. I hit SNOOZE! When it was almost too late (7AM), I jumped out of bed and hollered at the kids to hurry and get up! Kylee hadn't taken a shower the night before but fortunately she opted for 2 braids so her wet hair shouldn't be too bad with the chilly wind this morning on her bike. They moved a little slow but they all got breakfast, hair done, beds made, rooms picked up and teeth brushed. Rooms aren't really up to par but I'll deal until tonight. They weren't late for school and that's what really matters, right? Kylee's friend across the street got a cruiser bike for her birthday so this morning we had 3 friends and my 4 kids all leaving my carport for school! So fun! They were giggling and chatting! There is nothing like that sound - kids having fun!
After everyone left for school, I proceeded to get some things done. I cleaned the counters from last night (we were all so tired that the house was quiet and all asleep, including Geoff, by 9:30PM! RARE!), swept and mopped my kitchen floor (on my hands and knees too!), vacuumed and now I'm on the computer for a bit. I will finish up with dishes and a load of laundry. My WG's (walking gals) will be here at 9AM, so I have to hurry.

MY MOOD TODAY IS: ENERGIZED! I'm really thinking today is going to be productive!

I figured this fit in with MONDAY MOOD, SO I took this COLOR TEST that I was encouraged to take (thanks Julie) and my results were this:

Jenn, your true color is Blue!
You're blue — the most soothing shade of the spectrum. The color of a clear summer sky or a deep, reflective ocean, blue has traditionally symbolized trust, solitude, and loyalty. Most likely a thoughtful person who values spending some time on your own, you'd rather connect deeply with a few people than have a bunch of slight acquaintances. Luckily, making close friends isn't that hard, since people are naturally attracted to you — they're soothed by your calming presence. Cool and collected, you rarely overreact. Instead, you think things through before coming to a decision. That level-headed, thoughtful approach to life is patently blue — and patently you!

Well? Some I think represent me - others NOPE! I do overreact but I yet I do think things through . . . well, sometimes. I do enjoy time alone but not for long. I love meeting new people though - even if they are a "slight acquaintance", because you never know where you'll run into them and I love seeing a face I recognize and walking up to them (I'm not afraid) and asking "Where do I know you from?" Amost everyone loves to be recognized and said hello to. It makes us feel important!

So. there's my Monday Mood! Have a great and energized day! I know I will!


Lene said...

I am so glad you found me. I enjoyed reading and catching up with the "Looney Toons"!
Have a wonderful, energetic Monday!

Crazymamaof6 said...

fabulous! love the energy! and way fun to have WG'S too! love the color thing it does sound like you!

Laurie M. said...

Awesome! Happy Monday!

Courtney said...

True Blue girlfriend! I love your mood today - making me smile too, must be rubbing off!