Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sugar Daddy or Little Ol' Lady??? Help Google!

I've always teased that I need a Sugar Daddy but lately, I've been almost serious! Tonight as I was trying to stretch my dimes into TEN dollars in the budget, I thought maybe I could do a Google search for a little old lady that has extra money to spare. If she knew how hard we try and we still can't seem to make it, maybe she'd be willing to spare a little. I'm not asking for lots. Literally. It's amazing how just 4 digits would help keep my head above water, save me some embarrassing phone calls, and keep me kinda happy. The stress that money brings is just beyond crazy! I have been taught not to tell family secrets but I have to get this off my chest so I can sleep. And I kind of see this as my journal, so . . .

I hate avoiding phone calls - afraid it's bill collectors.

I hate telling my kids "sorry, can't afford that" for even the smallest of items and sometimes necessary things

I hate being so nice and allowing students to pay late, knowing that I will not be able to make my own bills on time

I hate being so accommodating with my students needing time off for shows, that I lose the income while they do

I hate not being able to meet friends for lunch or even just a soda because I don't have a dollar to spare

I hate not having a chance to even go on a date with my husband because money is so tight

I hate. I HATE. I HATE!!

Sometimes I just want to give up!! I can't always rob Peter to pay Paul. I'm beginning to stress over Christmas that's coming. We NEED this new job and we need it NOW!! Why aren't they calling? Why are they dragging their feet?? Come on already! Help us out!!

Ok - I'm done ranting. Well, probably not, but I'm hoping my next post will be HAPPY!! It has to be, right?? So if anyone knows a little old lady (I think that might be better than a Sugar Daddy, don't you?) - pass her my name!

Here's hoping for a money tree to grow in my backyard tomorrow!


Lara said...

Jenn. Listen to me. STOP immediately being nice to your students. Send out a letter, tell them that payment must be on time or you will need to assess a late fee. You are worth more than that, and they are taking advantage. Believe me, I've been in the too nice phase too. As soon as I got serious about it, suddenly nobody every paid late.

Hugs and squeezes and hopes for a little old lady to read this and save you. I know how it feels. I will pray for this job that should be coming.

Tiffini said...

i agree FULL-HEARTEDLY with Lara! my piano students never paid late because i had a late fee clause at the bottom of each bill. saved a lot of heartache.

speaking of heartache. i'm SO SORRY you're in this boat! you express your frustration far more eloquently than i ever did on my blog. i know all the feelings that you're having right now...anger, frustration, desperation, sorrow, and wondering why is this happening to me? how long is this going to last? i don't think i can handle anymore of this!

i'm glad you're speaking out. it does help to get it off you're chest.

it doesn't last forever! you WILL look back and be grateful for the experience. you can't see it now because you can hardly hold your head above the water, but there are SO many lessons you are learning that you will be grateful for!

i love you! you will be in my prayers!