Thursday, February 7, 2008

Be Ye Therefore, Prepared!

Well, I just found out that Romney dropped. I am not one to talk politics, it's a personal decision but the fear I feel now just hurts me! My soul aches and I'm truly concerned for the welfare of this country and my family. I guess it's now time to get my family and home in order. Who knows what lies ahead!

Romney suspending presidential bid
As recently as Super Tuesday the former Massachusetts  governor had pledged to go all the way to the convention.


Laurie M. said...

WHAT!?!? I need to check the news

Laurie M. said...

Holy Crap!!! That really bugs me! I know his chance of winning was not great but he still had a chance. Ahh! So now we are left with the idiot twins McCain and Huckabee!? I just hope Obama take the Dem. bid so I can vote for him!

Lene said...

I just heard this also. I am also very concerned about what will happen to this country. I worry about what my children will have as a future.

Crazymamaof6 said...

oh i know such a bummer