Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just do I. T. !!!

Ok - everyone is talking about their one word for the new year. I have found mine but it's an acronym.
I . T . which stands for IN TUNE.

I have recently been called to the RS as the "Teaching For Our Times" instructor. And then this week I was asked to be on the committee for the Laurel Retreat "Even as I . . ." I have been to meetings, been on my knees and been humbled beyond belief this past month! I have come to realize that none of this can happen without being in tune to the spirit. I must be willing and when I am, I need to then go to the Lord for direction. I must be willing to open my heart and mind to what the Lord wants me to do. HE will guide me to what the sisters in my ward need to hear. HE will guide me in the planning of this incredible venture the Laurels will take.

We are taught (when raised in the gospel) this principle all the time. But tonight, as 4 sisters in the gospel sat and discussed the spiritual journey we want these girls to feel over 4 days and 3 nights; the events that will take place, both physical and spiritual, I was overwhelmed with the spirit and how I must be IN TUNE to what He wants these girls to experience. . . NOT ME! Not what I want or what I think they need/want, but what the Lord wants for them! I must be willing to submit my soul in fasting and prayer to hear the promptings.

As I prepare myself for the next RS Lesson I am to give, that I must again be IN TUNE to what the Lord wants the sisters to learn, give, share and feast on! I am just the instrument through which they will receive it. "Behold, thy handmaiden!" I am here and I will be . . .


This can also help in our homes, as mothers of the the chosen generation! If I am in tune to my Savior, He will help me to further teach, uplift and spiritually guide my children in a manner that is pleasing to Him.
I pray for my kids - believe me I do! But do I pray for what the Lord has in store for them? Do I keep myself "in tune" as the day progresses and I am just frustrated with them and their lack of finished chores or their unwillingness to get along with others?
Maybe then the Lord will allow me to see what they really need! A smile instead of a "don't bother me" smirk - to let them know I love them. A hug instead of a wave of the hand to say "not now - I don't have time for this".
I have always considered myself to be a good mom - a busy one but a good one. I felt I really knew my kids and could tell when they needed me or desired that one-on-one time. But today it was different. I am going to start NOW and make sure that I am truly in tune to be able to know when they need me!

I am on such a spiritual roller coaster today! I know I can DO I.T.! And I know with His help I will.

JUST DO I.T.!!!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! I can't wait to hear how it goes! love the play on words! and it is a great goal for the year.

Courtney said...

LOVE I.T.! You are awesome and inspiring to me - you go!

Tara said...

Jen..You are awesome.. I love the new motto. So great. I love your design on your blog. How do you people do this. I am just plain jane i guess. See you soon, I HOPE!!! Youre the best.

Laurie M. said...

Wow, what a great motto for the new year! You are amazing! And I know you'll do wonderful things in your new callings. I miss you tons!

sarah said...

Sounds like you are off to a good start for the year. Good luck with those new callings. I bet you are a great RS teacher!